About Us

PrepWays is dedicated to provide innovative and exciting ways for children, to learn their Math Skills easily and effectively. PrepWays combines sound learning principles along with proprietary technology to offer a rich resource of interactive practice tests for school students.


Engaging, self-paced practice, that feels like play.
Provides unlimited questions in hundreds of skills.
Unmatched variety of problem types-fill in the blank, single multiple choice, multi multiple choice, match the following.
Adapts automatically to fit each student’s skill level.
Gives immediate feedback and question-specific explanations &dynamic reporting suite.
Uses vibrant & fun images to make Math’s practice exciting!
Aligned to Common Core.
You can unlock full access with in-app purchase.

Our Approach
  • We understand the parent’s concern for their children’s future. Based on this understanding, we have developed study methodologies that address these concerns.
  • PrepWays believes in the fact that no child is born intelligent; but with proper guidance and practice, these qualities can be developed to reach great heights in life.
  • PrepWays provides the perfect online practice atmosphere that helps children develop concentration levels and interest in the subjects.

Our Advantage

  • We have structured test practices with rich content delivery that enables students to get a through command of the subjects and answer all questions correctly.
  • Students at the kindergarten level get to learn elementary concept without just mugging up the concepts.
  • Parents who are involved with their children's education will have access to vast resources that were previously unreachable.
  • Teachers using PrepWays services will find this virtual academic aid a boon to work with due to its exhaustive question bank.
  • Goal set up by students and teachers can be easily tracked and monitored leading to more focused learning.
  • Star performers will be nominated in the “Popular Kid” category which will inspire other children of that age and study group.